Art as Meditation

The practice of Meditation has always been a very big part of my life, in many forms. I have been practicing Meditation for almost 20 years, and teaching from 5. Many people consider this practice to be extremely difficult, so they give up even before to start. So when someone tells me that they find it too difficult and don’t like the idea of sitting in silence as they become to restless, I always suggest to make art.
Creating art or dedicating your mind, body and soul to the creation of something, which could be painting, dancing, sculpting, etc. gives access to a meditative state, where our state of mind completely change and find peace. That’s the reason why Art, Music and Dancing are used many time as Therapy.
Not just as a way to express freely our feelings and emotions, therefore to liberate ourselves, but also as a way to heal ourselves, to feel better. It can give us the strength and the courage to reconnect with our inner space, as we reach a new state of consciousness where our monkey mind find peace and for once can keep quite. 🙂
This is why, in addition to meditating, I spend a very big part of my life creating things… as a form of freedom of expression, but also as a form of Meditation. Art for me is a pure methodical moment of joy of being truthful to your deepest self, appreciating that special connection, that we tend to lose and neglect most of the time.


Painting by Cristiana Canzanese, Contemplating Contemporary Times n.1, Mixed Media on Paper, 2015
If you are interested on my art work you can visit my art blog:

Author: CristianaCan

Hi There, My name is Cristiana, I'm a Fine Artist and a qualified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, hugely in love with Dogs & Nature :)

2 thoughts on “Art as Meditation”

  1. I am quite an anxious person. I used to do yoga..loved it. I stopped but must start again as I have a twitchy arthritic back. But meditation I have not tried. I think I should. I find it hard to be mindful and switch to “calm yourself for a bit”. I have started to paint again. I am writing a lot of stories and they need illustrating. Big learning curve as I have not painted regularly since my teens. But yes it’s all absorbing and in times of anxiety it can really give your mind some time out and a moment to regroup.


    1. Oh Yes Judi! You should definitely try it! It is such an amazing practice and on top of the many health benefits, you get so much from it in terms of self growth, awareness, being present in the moment. It is hard to be mindful, bur art is a good starting point. If you get a chance I strongly advice to try to Meditate and if you have the possibility, to join a group to start with… after 20 years of practice I wouldn’t know how to live without it, it helps me so much in my daily life X


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