Spring Haiku Poem

Finally the Sun,

glorious golden rays of light,

shining upon Us.


Energising light,

nurturing our lost souls,

kissing the pale skins.


The grey cold Winter

is gone, with frosted mornings

and shy naked trees.


Inspiration comes

from the mystical Green World,

Nature’s connection.


Magical Nature,

Mother of spiritual souls,

Be always present.


You are Now calling,

warming hearts and wishful dreams,

through  your sacred Love.


Flowers in full bloom,

with lush green grass freshly cut,

arouse the senses.


For ever changing

Seasons, blest Cycle of Life,

We belong to You.


The Sun is shining,

blue cloudless sky, Spring time breeze,

energising day.

Cristiana Can, London, 18th of April 2018



England – London, Enfield, April 2018

Author: CristianaCan

Hi There, My name is Cristiana, I'm a Fine Artist and a qualified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, hugely in love with Dogs & Nature :)

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