Hi There,

Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Cristiana, I’m a Fine Artist and a qualified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, with a huge passion for Nature, Healthy Living, the Arts… and madly in love with Dogs 🙂

I have created this page with the hope to meet and exchange info, ideas, thoughts… with as many people as possible, creating a very eclectic and interesting community.

I am at that point in life where I need a change, a radical change… after living for 16 years in London me and my husband feel the need for a calmer, simpler and more authentic life… and we are thinking to take the big step of abandoning the big city for a  quieter life in the country. So, the idea of this blog is to share with you guys the entire experience: thoughts, feelings, things to do, prep, etc. An online journal, available to anyone with the same interests.

In addition I will also discuss other topics related to Art, Meditation, Nature, Introspection, Philosophy, Healthy Living, Travel, Good Books… anything that can guide us and inspire us towards a more serene and ‘real’ life, enjoying our present moment.

If you feel you resonate with this page, please keep in touch, and feel free to share your opinions and experiences, because this is what this blog is about… creating connections with like minded people, therefore the more, the merrier!

Thank you,



England – London, Enfield, October 2017