Art as Meditation

The practice of Meditation has always been a very big part of my life, in many forms. I have been practicing Meditation for almost 20 years, and teaching from 5. Many people consider this practice to be extremely difficult, so they give up even before to start. So when someone tells me that they find it too difficult and don’t like the idea of sitting in silence as they become to restless, I always suggest to make art.
Creating art or dedicating your mind, body and soul to the creation of something, which could be painting, dancing, sculpting, etc. gives access to a meditative state, where our state of mind completely change and find peace. That’s the reason why Art, Music and Dancing are used many time as Therapy.
Not just as a way to express freely our feelings and emotions, therefore to liberate ourselves, but also as a way to heal ourselves, to feel better. It can give us the strength and the courage to reconnect with our inner space, as we reach a new state of consciousness where our monkey mind find peace and for once can keep quite. 🙂
This is why, in addition to meditating, I spend a very big part of my life creating things… as a form of freedom of expression, but also as a form of Meditation. Art for me is a pure methodical moment of joy of being truthful to your deepest self, appreciating that special connection, that we tend to lose and neglect most of the time.


Painting by Cristiana Canzanese, Contemplating Contemporary Times n.1, Mixed Media on Paper, 2015
If you are interested on my art work you can visit my art blog:

A Soul in search of Simple Leaving…

Hey, Welcome to my Blog!

I have created this page with the hope to meet and exchange info and ideas with as many people as possible… As I am at that point in life where I strongly feel the need of a change, a Big Change, I thought it would be nice to be able to share this experience with others, and also to keep an online diary about the entire journey.

Both me and my husband feel that our Big Change is to move from the comfortable but sometimes meaningless city life,  to a more authentic, simple and ‘old fashioned’ life in the country.  I don’t hide that we have many doubts and many fears… but the Big Change does not happen if you don’t experience fear, right?!

So, here we are, planning to give up our flat in magical London, just before the Brexit, and move to the country… Risk takers?! I often think… but at the same time how can you break the city ‘rat race’ routine, without taking a risk? It is the only way…

Please, do not get me wrong, I love my life in London… I live in leafy north London, and I am a part time Art Technician in a college and Meditation Teacher, so I have a gentle and slow city life, and I really enjoy what I do… my husband life style is a bit more intense, but nonetheless he enjoys what he does… and guess what? This is exactly what makes it really difficult to decide to let go and take that step… it is really hard to leave all the comforts of the western society… the security of a wage, the myriad of possibilities that are available to you in a city like London, the 24h transports, the arts, the creativity, the energy of the city…  but than in the evening as we look at each other after a long day apart and think about what our lives could be in the country, surrounded by green and silence, we get that itchy drive of excitement and we feel like to say ‘F**K IT’, let’s go, and let’s see what happens…

A calmer, simpler and more authentic life in Nature, this is what we need to nurture our souls… and of course it will be extremely hard, especially at the start, but with few good books, and few tips from the more experienced one, we should be able to manage. Lets have faith in the Gods! Gaia, please be with us! 🙂

This blog is for any of you out there that resonate with our situation, for those of you that just dream about country living, and for those of you that already live the dream and feel inspired to share plenty of experiences. I really hope we can create a useful community together, please share your thoughts and leave a comment.

Thank You, Cristiana 🙂


England – Cumbria, Lake District, Lake Ullswater, July 2017