An experienced Summer…

Apologies for being absent from quite a while, but it has been a busy Summer, with plenty of travelling, plans for the future, methodical moments of deep thinking and getting ready for the winter months.

We truly had a fantastic Summer this year… the sunshine kept us company throughout the warmer months, and only that made much easier the search for a future destination.

We explored various places in Hertfordshire, North and South, the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds and to complete the list we had to go back to one of our favourite place: the Lake District.


England, Cumbria, Lake District, Lake Ullswater, Glenridding, August 2018

Every time I spend time at The Lakes, something magical happens. Almost like an internal spiritual shift to another kind of dimension, where nothing else matter… but just you and the Natural surrounding. Being there it truly makes you wonder about the meaning of your entire existence. It is almost like if you come into contact with your deepest self, and you feel safe to BE the most authentic You.

No masks, no filters, no need to hide…  Nature has such a power to touch your deepest place. And if you are ready, you will gain the most magical experience you will ever have. You just have to be open to it, to receive its blessing, observing and listening in silence.

Be prepared to come in contact with your deepest fears, your doubts… but also to your most authentic hidden self, your pure and untouched essence. Walking in Nature is good for the Soul, for the Body and for the Mind in many ways… it will make you grow spiritually, experience after experience… It is a very methodical active way to observe, perceive, and fully opening your senses to the outer world, in order to understand and to discover more about your inner world.

The English countryside is very special, but the Lake District goes far beyond that… it is a truly magical place, the quintessential of the Englishness of things, Paradise on Earth.


 England, Cumbria, Lake District, Grizedale Forest , August 2018

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a Forest Wilderness” – John Muir

The Power of Nature

Nature: such a simple word, but with such an immense meaning!

When we pronounce this word our imagination is invaded by photos that we keep in our emotional memory, photos of beautiful sceneries, forests, woodland, beaches… places where we have been and experienced a powerful emotional connection, or simply places where we would like to go to keep enriching our souls.

I grew up in a central region of Italy, and from a very young age I have always been very much in contact with Nature. I have very beautiful memories of my early childhood: I can almost see my self as a little girl, on my father’s shoulders, walking through the woods and keeping busy while establishing that first connection with the land. I used to spend hours digging the soil and being fascinated by all the insects and creatures living underground. One of my favourite hobby was to pick up worms from the soil with my little hands, and give them names as we were becoming friends, so that my dad could get on with his love for bird watching and fishing.

I feel extremely lucky to have had these type of experiences, and I really appreciate them right now, more than ever, as wonderful memories. Unfortunately due to the highs and lows of life, that don’t always go as you wish, the relationship with my father took his course to an end, but all of these ‘Wild Experiences’ shared with him, are something that I will always cherish and keep within my heart, because it truly made me appreciate that special connection that everyone should have with our Mother Nature. My father may have not understood many things in his life, but he surely understood how to make you feel free.

Nature has the power to make you regain that Spiritual Freedom that we tend to lose constantly in our contemporary life styles, as we tend to focus our attention too much on stressful, boring and meaningless events, completely forgetting about the beauty of the simple things, like a walk in the woods, or a stroll on the beach.


United States – California, Muir Woods, October 2015

As a Meditation Teacher and Stress Management facilitator I always strongly recommend to spend time in Nature to people, especially if you live within the rhythm of a stressful busy city like London. Through Nature we can rebalance our internal energy, awaken our senses, and reconnect to our precious inner self. It is such a great place to stimulate our soul, our creative being, our inner child. In fact in Japanese medicine, for example, the ‘Forest Bathing’, better known as Shinrin-yoku, has become such an important part in preventative health care. It has been scientifically proven to have so many benefit to our health and immune system: reducing stress, improving moods, sleep, etc. (Here is the link of a very interesting webpage, if you want to know a bit more about Shinrin-yoku: )

As I was introduced to the power of Nature quite early in life, by now I can surely consider my self a true ‘Nature addict’… I wouldn’t know how to live without trees and green spaces around me, they truly are a priority above everything! And the older I get, the more Nature I need. So, in total honesty, the decision to go and live in the country, surely came from my deeply engraved ‘Nature addiction’ :). The desire to be able to breathe in fresh air, as you are surrounded by the sound of the trees and their for ever changing dancing leaves, caressed by the wind… and as you look at the sky, there you are bewitched by the radiant stars… ❤


United States – California, Muir Woods, October 2015

The Importance of Being Truthful to Ourselves

When taking an important decision in life, we go through a journey of self discovery and introspection, as we continuously question ourselves with what’s the best option for us.

The questioning could be conscious, but also hidden within our actions, our thoughts, our worries, our fears… If it is something that will completely change and revolutionise the course of our lives,  it is absolutely natural to go through a roller coaster of emotions… especially when you are thinking of abandoning  the ‘comfortable’ city  life, for a life style that you have just been imagining, for a life style that has always been nothing more than a dream :).

In this cases the most important thing is to be honest and open as much as we can with ourselves. The importance of being open and truthful, of being present without judgement, within ourselves and within the present moment, goes beyond what we could even imagine. We need to be brave to practice self compassion, to have a better relationship with our own and unique Essence, our deepest Self. We need to be courageous to admit when we are scared and confused, to become better beings and  therefore achieve personal growth.

We need to be able to recuperate that authentic and real Essence within us, going beyond egos, qualifications, social status and all the different masks that we have created throughout our lives, because when we truly ARE, all of these things won’t really matter anymore.

We need to be truthful to ourselves and be able to satisfy our inner space with simplicity, without forcing our surrounding, but just being and going with the flow, in honesty, with open heart. And in that precise moment we are able to BE, with no effort.

We can only enjoy the NOW and every little moment to its fullest, if we are willing to abandon that luggage of experience achieved in the past, while being open for the new one… because the experience of the present moment will be different, because WE will be different.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus Of Ephesus


England – London, Enfield, March 2018